Welcome to The Darker Corner
Published 1 year ago on May 2, 2023

Welcome to The Darker Corner!

You know, that dark corner we sit in at 03:00 trying to fix that bug for the last 4 hours and it turns out that you included the wrong file, or missed a semi-colon, illuminated by the dazzling blue light of our monitor that also happens to be keeping us awake? Yeah, that corner.

Hey, my name is Trim, and I’m a Software Engineer from the UK, who’s been writing code since around 2004, and professionally since 2014. Here’s a couple of areas I’ve worked on over the years:

  • pure PHP CMS systems including building one from the ground up
  • WordPress websites, themes and plugins
  • business websites using your typical LAMP stack
  • SaaS systems using both PHP and angular/node (no, not on the same project, and yes, on the same project)
  • REST API Development with nodejs
  • Services and utilities in Java, C++, python such as:
    • PDF manipulation in python (I mean extensive manipulation, not just merging or extracting PDF content)
    • Java tools e.g. generating a foundation project for a REST API in nodejs, to quickly hit the ground running
    • C++ tools used for internal networking communication and data optimisation
  • Mobile app development for iOS (Swift) and android (Java)

When I’m not working or writing code in my spare time, I’ll usually be sat in the garden enjoying nature, or visiting the ocean from time to time. There’s nothing better than the sound of silence, and waves gently lashing the terribly stony beach that I happen to live near by:

A South-eastern British Beach

I might occasionally dabble in some light gaming too. Okay, that’s a lie, I recently spent 3 solid weeks playing Horizon Forbidden West, but what can ya do? These things happen 😅

Right now (see post date for when “right now” actually is), I’m taking some time from work to focus on my health and personal projects. Too much required time staring at screens and sitting in the chair hasn’t been good to me, so I needed a break from it. That said, I have a keen interest in game development and it’s not something I’ve properly explored up until now so I’m spending a good amount of time playing around with Unreal Engine and C++, and when I’ve had enough of that, I have a dozen other projects to work on too!

At The Darker Corner you will find a variety of programming and computing related topics. I aim to post every Monday and Friday, but once a week at the very least.Posting at least once a week seems to clash a bit too much with my schedule, so let’s just say I am to post when I can! Once a month? 👀 My goal is just to write a little bit about programming, and maybe help somebody out there learn a thing or two. I’m absolutely not an expert in any particular area, but have a vast amount of experience spread over a lot of different technologies and industries. I pride myself on being able to pick up a new technology and learn it relatively quickly, and I hope I can spread some of that knowledge too.

The majority of the content I’ll be writing comes from the mountain of repositories I have at home from all the projects I have worked on over the years, be it for business or personal interest. Occasionally, I might write about something as I learn about or brush up on it too. In case you didn’t know, there’s two things that really help to get comfortable with a language / technology: writing code, lots of code, and teaching. Taking the time to understand something in order to be able to write about it or explain it to somebody else really helps in your own understanding, and I strongly recommend both of those approaches if you’re wanting to learn something new!

One last thing, if you’ve got this far – Thanks for visiting The Darker Corner, and I hope you find the content useful here!